Hyped: The Week In Links 1/27

This week on the blog we came across an interactive still life “painting,” wondered if color-changing clothing was making a comeback, checked out Man Ray as an Original Creator, discovered how to tweet using a hacked rotary phone, found out about a new electronic music genre, and learned what dadamoshing is.

And on the intratubes:

· The latest development in trying to make the world disappear has scientists successfully making a 3D object vanish using meta-materials. Let’s just hope it doesn’t all end with insane, invisible murderers roaming the streets like that one Kevin Bacon movie.

· Light painting art of the week: check out these light stencil characters taken in Hanoi, Vietnam.

· Over the past few weeks the “Sh*t… People Say” meme just hasn’t stopped, it’s been like a juggernaut, and now the art world gets its own version with Sh*t Art World People Say. Finally. [via]

· Famous paintings are cool and all, but there’s nothing in this world that can’t be improved by cats and terrible puns. And so, there’s this: Great Artists’ Mews.

· The Monty Python crew are reforming for a sci-fi farce combining CGI and live action called Absolutely Anything. The world rejoices.