Hyped: The Week In Links 2/22/13

On the blog this week we found out a 3D printing pen is in the offing, Leigh Alexander discussed the “beautiful, pitiless” Super Hexagon, in LAYERS we went inside Hot Sugar’s “#Mindcontrol”, and found out how you can turn fruit and veg into musical instruments. We also met UterusMan, a superhero fighting against an evolution crisis, we tuned in to Yoshi Sodeoka and Daron Murphy’s latest prog rock-inspired video, premiered Michael Robinson’s psychedelic short film Supermigration, and caught a sneak peek of Timeboy and Daedelus’ new live visual experience.

And on the webz…

· Art imitating life imitating art imitating Inception: Not that the Russian meteorite needed any added drama, but here’s some awesome footage of it made into a movie trailer with an Inception music soundtrack. [via]

· Pardon? I said scientists are 3D printing ear cartilage.

· Here boy! Quadrotors play catch with poles.

· And artist Stephen Knapp separates white light into colorful shards (above).