Brush With Death: What Happens When Graffiti Comes To Life

DIY VFX wizards Corridor Digital pit painter against the painted in this beautifully orchestrated graffiti ninja face-off. A street artist’s creation takes on a life of its own to exact revenge for its impending desecration… er, at least that’s our interpretation of the loose plot here, which really just serves as pretext for a big fight between a guy holding a paint roller (seems like a word of caution to local authorities for their continual whitewashing of popular street art) and his black-hooded nemesis.

As the duo do battle, the action cleverly shifts from 2D to 3D and back again as the painted spectre leaps back and forth while the epic clash unfolds. As is stated at the end of the video, this piece is the spiritual successor to Graphic Violence, their previous short about street art. Check it out below: