Club M Star Is The Most Lifelike Game To Date, If K-POP Is Your Life

Since its debut in January 2011, Nurien Software’s social networking dance game Club M Star has gained unmatched popularity among Korean youths. Based on an astonishingly realistic avatar system developed with Unreal Engine3, the game allows users to customize unique physical attributes—everything from individual body parts, clothing, accessories, right down to the underwear. Every part of the character simulates realistic movements, making the avatars more lifelike than just about any game on the market.

And unlike any other karaoke or dancing games to date, Club M Star features 3D rhythm notes that react to each avatar’s dance moves. Co-founder of Nurien Taehoon Kim explains, “We wanted to create a social virtual world—sort of like a 3D MySpace—where users can create, collect, combine and share legacy media such as music, photos, video, as well as 3D objects such as clothing, furniture, pets, cars and more, all in a beautiful 3D environment. We wanted to give users a powerful new vehicle for self-expression that breaks down real world limitations."

Using Club M Star, Korean teenagers can live out their K-POP fantasies, perfecting dance moves to their favorite tracks and sharing the stage with their favorite K-POP celebrities. The game is so devoted to faithfully representing all aspects of life, it even provides adult interactions, allowing users to become virtually intimate with one another. Let’s hope those avatars are using digital contraception.