If You Were Given Carte Blanche To Create Two Immersive Installations, What Would You Make?

Picture this. You are an artist and you’ve been given carte blanche to create two immersive installations, one that needs to reset people’s minds as they enter the exhibition, the other a collaborative experience for the participants. What would you do? What insane concoction would your brain cook up? Robot dinosaur musical instruments? That’s lame, I know, and I’m not even sure if it’s immersive—but let’s hear your ideas.

This is what multimedia designers Moment Factory have to face as they were asked to come up with installations for C2-MTL, a conference in Montreal, Canada from May 22-25 where business and creativity mix like old pals.

Speakers at the event will include a few folks you may have heard of—Robert Safian, Michael Eisner, Ariana Huffington, Robert Wong, Jonah Lehrer, Francis Ford Coppola and Sakchin Bessette, the founder of Moment Factory. Clearly, the need to impress is paramount. Good thing the group has come up with some blue sky ideas then. Ideas like mind reading wall installations made by coders with lightning fingers, along with laser eyeballs, salty tear strewn walls, and illuminated babies. Sounds good to us.