Hyper Trophies Are Moving Portraits Of Awesomely Deformed Ladies

Hypertrophy is defined as “the increase in the volume of an organ or tissue due to the enlargement of its component cells.” Basically, one organ or body part just grows and grows with no discernable end to the erratic cell growth. This disturbing disorder is the central visual component of Hyper Trophies, a series of what the group calls “moving still portrait sculpures,” a redundant, oxymoronic moniker that is somehow a perfect fit for what these are.

Zeitguised created the pieces in collaboration with Franzius and Stink for Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012. Each is dynamic snapshot of a lady afflicted with a stylized version of hypertrophy, each with a different form of a grotesque, pulsating blob that isn’t ostensibly a part of them, but probably is judging by their color and the disturbed look on each virtual model’s face. All in all, it’s an utterly captivating set of images in the best/worst way. Except for old smoke legs down there, she doesn’t seem to hindered by her deformity.