Indie Game Antichamber Is A WTF Masterpiece

Antichamber (formerly Hazard: The Journey of Life) is a first-person psychological puzzler game from Demruth aka Alexander Bruce. To play it is to feel like you’re falling down a geometric rabbit hole. Void of plot, the nonsensical maze requires more mental stamina than fast reflexes—all you have here is yourself and your instincts.

From the YouTube page: Antichamber is a game about discovery, set inside a vibrant, minimal, Escher-like world, where geometry and space follow unfamiliar rules, and obstacles are a matter of perception.

The game, which has already won a ton of awards, was just backed by Indie Fund last week, and will be available for Mac and PC sometime later this year.

Seems to be a kind of anti-game for the anti-gamer, no?

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