Interactive Game BLOOM Is Like LEGO, Jenga, And Monkeys In A Barrel Rolled Into One

We can probably all agree that LEGO was an awesome toy (unless you were the kind of kid who ate the pieces), and sure, it was plenty interactive if you wanted it to be. But as you got older and graduated to the Technic level, the last thing you wanted was your friend or your little brother “helping” you and mucking the whole project up.

Building games rely on interaction, and playing is more about the experience than the finished product, especially when you get a beautiful pink result once the party’s over. Enter BLOOM, an urban toy consisting of thousands of identical little pieces specially designed to be built into a huge, fractal, flower-like bloom. Call it urban gardening—without all the dirt.

Above check out the BLOOM project in action, and below see how they designed the basic building block of BLOOM. A lot more thought goes into it than you might think!