Interactive Piece Base 8 Explores The Spaces Between Hands And Fingers

Base 8 from csugrue on Vimeo.

Artist and programmer Chris Sugrue—one of the collaborators on the EyeWriter—has updated the old theater trick Pepper’s ghost to create a piece, Base 8, that explores “the negative spaces and movements between fingers, hands and arms.” As you place your arms under a panel and glance through the looking glass, abstract forms and shapes begin to dance around your fingers, darting about and reacting as you move your hand.

She says about the piece:

In this modern adaptation of the [Pepper’s ghost] technique, the illusion is used to create a direct interaction with the forms rather than viewing it in an augmented video where an additional layer of mediation is required. The floating world in Base 8, happens directly around the visitors body and they are looking at their own bodies as they view and interact with the work.

The technique is similar to artist Chris O’Shea‘s Little Magic Stories, below, which used a holographic projection system and Kinect to bring children’s drawings to life.

[via Beyond the Beyond]