Peace Camp Will Illuminate The British Coastline With Thousands Of Tents

The UK, and especially London, is gearing up for the Olympics, which will be starting very soon—disrupting our lives and messing with our transport system. But this inconvenience will be balanced out by a few weeks of sport and the art fest that is the London 2012 Festival.

Among the many events going on for this art extravaganza is an immersive soundscape installation called Peace Camp, a collaboration between director Deborah Warner, Fiona Shaw, composer Mel Mercier, and sound designer John Del’ Nero. This camp will encircle the UK’s coastline with 2,000 illuminated tents, taking its inspiration from the Olympic Truce. The tents will be located at eight different coastal locations across the UK and will look like alien beacons, glowing orange and pink and white between dawn and dusk.

As well as this visual element of luminous, otherworldly tents, the natural sounds of waves crashing, and the wind roaring, there will be recordings playing love poetry to add to the ambience, and to create a rich tapestry for the soundscape.

And if you can’t make it along to the live installations, or you just can’t be bothered to leave your home because it’s raining, you can also get involved online, where you can record your own version of the love poems and upload photos and messages.

[via Design Boom]