Photophore Cloaks A Frankfurt Building In Light And Interactivity

Photophore is an interactive light installation named after the light-emitting organ that appears on various marine animals, built by Danish communication design office Kollision in collaboration with projection company Martin Professional and lighting designers Matja Winkelmann and Jochen Schröder.

As part of Luminale 2012, Frankfurt’s biennial festival of lights, the project was projected along the Main River on the five-story multifunctional building Seven Swans. Acting like a veil shielding the facade of the edifice, Photophore let passersby interact with and explore the magic of a manipulative artwork.

When curious onlookers scanned a QR code mounted on the building, they were brought to a site which let them interact with the piece. By swiping fingers across the touch screen of a smartphone, the curtain-like image cast onto the building flipped and twisted in real time. With the ability to push, pull, pinch, and poke the “veil,” Photophore explores the notion of immediate interaction through simplicity and accessibility.

Impressive in magnitude and character, Photophore brought Luminale into the hands of the city’s residents (quite literally). Check out the video of the installation above and experience its interactivity in the video below.

[via Design Playgrounds]