Pink Cloud Lets You Virtually Dye Fabric

Last fall, Korean design team everyware debuted their project Soak, Dye in Light, essentially a table with a stretchy fabric top that patrons are encouraged to bend and stretch. The movement on the fabric is detected via Kinect, which then uses the data to focus projections on the contorted areas, creating the illusion that the fabric is being dyed. The effect is remarkably realistic and shows us just how far the art of projection mapping has come, and the types of media that really bring it to life.

everyware just debuted an expanded version of this project that applies the interactive experience to something far bigger and grander. In Cloud Pink, the team takes on the task of recreating the sky by affixing a large spandex screen to the ceiling so that it’s something you can touch and even alter. Those walking underneath it can reach up and touch the “rolling clouds,” creating little bursts of color that follow a pattern of movement somewhere between ink in water and smoke in air.

Below, see a slightly scaled down Cloud Pink up close from a patron’s perspective.

[via: Creative Applications]