Prefall: A Water-Powered Interactive AV Installation

The beauty and power of falling water is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by artists through the ages, for example Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic house Fallingwater, which incorporates a waterfall into the design, marrying the natural with the manmade. And in Prefalll 135 Rodrigo Carvalho, Katerina Antonoupoulou, and Javier Chavarri use the energy of falling water to power an interactive AV installation/strange musical instrument.

The water’s energy causes the watermills to rotate and generate visuals and sounds, so users can open or close the taps controlling the water circuit and watch the fish-like creatures swim back and forth as bright light erupts and mysterious sounds create a sense of disorientation.

It’s not often you see water incorporated into a digital art work, and with this it adds a sense of mystery and otherworldliness to the piece—maybe they should start selling them commercially, because they’d make for an awesome water feature in your back yard.


Photos by Paulo Pinto