Water Light Graffiti Lets Users Create LED Art With A Water Gun

Ordinarily electronics and water don’t go together too well, but that’s not the case for this public artwork Water Light Graffiti by artist Antonin Fourneau and Digitalarti Artlab.

For this project—which was set up in Poitiers, France in July—the artist created a surface embedded with thousands of LEDs that light up when brought into contact with water. You can use any damp surface like a wet paintbrush, your hands, a spray, a bowl, even a bucket. Splash it on there and once the water hits the moisture-sensitive surface the LEDs light up to provide you with your masterpiece.

Anyone can walk up to it and start having a go—grab a water gun and start firing away like you’re at a boardwalk game, or just chuck a bowl of water at it and give it some Pollock-style action painting splatters. Check out some of the creations from Water Light Graffiti in the pics below.

Maybe Squarepusher (below) should get one for his next live performance?

[via Colossal ]

Images via Digitalarti