Jérémie Rozan Takes Surface To Air On A Walkable Roller Coaster

Operating on a worldwide scale and constantly growing in the realms of art, luxury, and high-end fashion, creator Jérémie Rozan has helped form a brand that is part clothing line and part creative studio.

Founding France’s premier 360-design firm, Surface to Air, in his early 20s, Rozan has been cultivating a team of friends and creative minds for little over a decade. Proving that multitasking breeds success, the domains of fashion, design, film, photography, music, and advertising all fall within the Surface to Air’s creative shadow. And by being at the helm of a company that has its hands in a long list of developing areas, Rozan surpasses the boundaries that come with specialization, and refuses to offer just one type of business.

Applying his passion for filmmaking to his company’s knack for inspired design, Rozan has recently directed a teaser video for Surface to Air’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. The video not only highlights the fashions of S2A’s collection but also the mesmerizing twists and turns of Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth’s walkable roller coaster. The design duo’s, “Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain” illuminates a man-made hilltop in Duisburg, Germany with handrails that have LED lights integrated into them. And by pairing the glowing mystique of such a creative sculpture with the upbeat sounds of The Rapture, Rozan creates a playful yet seductive chase amongst lovers that could only be outfitted in Surface to Air threads.

And if well dressed star-crossed lovers isnt enough for you, you could always check out Surface to Air’s weekly “Friday I’m in Love” playlist, a collection of songs put together by a different artist or musician each week to launch you into a grooving weekend.

Learn more about Rozan in our documentary below.