Jackie Chan Versus Datamoshing In Is Tropical's New Video

You may think that glitch art or datamoshing is like, sooo 2005, and is a mainstream tool of the man, but it still looks cool. And Is Tropical’s latest vid by Pablo Jones-Soler and Josh Greet uses it with abandon. You may remember this group from their awesome, cartoon violent kids-as-kingpins live action and animation treat from last year, which made our best of the year list for music vids. You may not.

It doesn’t matter because you’ll still be able to enjoy this video for their track “Land of The Nod” which has Jackie Chan fighting his way through music-synced datamoshed clips, seemingly bursting out of one scene and into another in a slippery, melting, glitch-fuelled kung-fu explosion of a video.

[via Nerdcore]