James Turrell's Skyspace Radiates Color And Transforms The Sky

James Turrell's Skyspace Radiates Color And Transforms The Sky

American artist James Turrell‘s work often looks at the relationship between light and space, and his latest project continues in that tradition, while also changing your perception of the sky. Situated at Rice University, Turrell’s skyspace emerges like a majestic grass pyramid with the top cut off and a white structure plonked on top. Its roof is open so as to allow visitors to look up and see the sky while sitting at the lower or upper levels underneath, much like his Meeting series.

While students are sitting there drinking a beer and reading a book, they’ll also be treated to a light show on the roof at sunrise and sunset, which will bask people in hues ranging from orange to blue to yellow, coordinated with the arc of the sun. These lights will impact your perception of the color of the sky, changing it into unexpected tones.

In addition to being a place where students and staff can go chill the hell out while basking in radiant light, skyspace will also be a music venue. And it definitely looks like it would be a cool place to have a party. This is Turrell’s 73rd skyspace in a long running series which has been going since the 1970s and has spanned 25 countries.

[via PSFK]