Julius von Bismarck Keeps the Past Present

Julius von Bismarck is an artist with a interest in perception, representation, and the reconstruction of reality whose previous work includes the Image Fulgurator, an image manipulator that surreptitiously projects images into other people’s photographs (see video below). For his latest work, The Space Beyond Me, von Bismarck attempts to recreate the experience of memory using film footage. Film and memory have a rich history, which we suspect provided some of the inspiration for The Space Beyond Me. For the immersive installation von Bismarck converted a 16mm camera into a projector which rotates slowly in a circular room displaying old images on phosphorescent painted walls. The images are left to slowly fade away bringing to mind our own fleeting recollections. Check out the video above to see it in action. Got to see it for yourself? It’s currently showing in the Persistence of Vision exhibition at FACT gallery in Liverpool, UK. And, if your not planning a trip to northwest England anytime soon, check back in with us next week to see von Bismarck’s upcoming profile.