Kyouei Design Constructs Exceptionally Abstract Music Devices

From the minimalist masterminds at Kyouei Design who created the ultra sleek reinterpretation of the record player, Pendulum Sound Machine, comes more delightful endeavors of superbly-designed abstract music machines.

Above, a simple wooden table stands in a pool of white wires connected to meticulously placed music boxes. Musical Table allows you to turn on all 504 music boxes on a whim. As each music box makes only one single twinkle of a sound, you can adjust the speed and volume with its corresponding knob. Play them all at once, or just a few to orchestrate a delightful experimental score.

Below, a smaller, more portable version of Musical Table, Random Musical Box, combines 18 single-note music boxes neatly attached to a wooden box. The 18 corresponding brass knobs allow you to control the speed and volume of each music box. Turn some on, keep some off. Make some melodies super fast, and others steady and slow. Flip the switch and there you have it, your very own noise composition.