Laikingland Creates Kinetic Objects Just For Kicks

“Fingers” (2009) that impatiently drum by Nik Ramage

The kinetic collection of UK/Netherlands based creative practice Laikingland (Martin Smith and Nick Regan) is kind of like an adult extension of Tinkertoys or Erector Set. Featuring limited edition (not to mention rather expensive) pieces created in collaboration with crafty, like-minded artists and designers, the label presents objects of provocative design and sharp craftsmanship. As “laik” translates “to play," Laikingland addresses a young and imaginative perspective in the somewhat serious practice of kinetics and interaction. Check out some of our favorite toys below.

Just About Now (2012)

In collaboration with designer Maarten Bass, Just About Now is a neatly crafted sand timer that indicates imprecise lengths of time with the sound of a gong. A cigarette break, a nap, maybe even a moment of meditation, this kinetic piece reminds us how irrelevant the abstraction of time actually is.

Bird Bellow Whistle (2012)

Bird Bellow Whistle by Laikingland’s very own Martin Smith produces mechanical but seemingly natural bird sounds. With the subtle touch of a feather, its construction exposes exactly how the sounds are made.

Lady Killer Vol.1 (2011)

And last but not least, an ultra extravagant extension of the jewelry box. Lady Killer Vol.1. A miniature robot arm encased within a translucent safe protects and presents one precious ring. Created with 3D printing technology, the robot arm slowly rises, rotates, and majestically offers this custom-cut 22 carat yellow gold, 0.50 carat colorless diamond, and 0.03 carat black diamond “Lady Killer” ring from Atelier Ted Noten.