LCD SOUNDSYSTEM's Fans And Friends Get Sentimental In New Video Series

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM was one of our favorite bands and their music will always conjure up memories of late nights galavanting around the city, epic (mis)adventures, and good times with great friends. The film SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS, from Pulse Films and Oscilloscope Laboratories, set out to capture the band’s final days and now famous set of last shows at Madison Square Garden. “If this is a funeral, let’s make it the best one ever” the tagline reads. And it was.

The Creators Project was one of the executive producers on the film, so in memoriam, we asked the band’s fans and friends to share memories of why they loved it and what the music means to them. Director Lance Bangs, who has been following the band forever, brought these stories together in a series of four videos that’ll give a good tug at your heartstrings and turn you into a sappy nostalgic ball of mush. You can watch the first video above, “LCD + NYC,” which pays tribute to the city that spawned the band and a million dance parties. It features comedians Reggie Watts, Nick Kroll and Jason Woliner, as well as testaments from fans who poured their hearts out to us during our flyaway contest earlier this month. The end result is sure to make you proud to be a New Yorker (or wish you were one).

We’ll be rolling out the remaining three videos in the days leading up to the premiere, each one a collection of personal stories on the topics of love, late night dance parties, and a look back at the final show. Catch SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS at a theater near you for one night only on July 18th.

Finish the sentence: “New York, I love you…” Leave your answer in the comments or tweet it to us with #LCDNYC. For inspiration, watch the video above.