Listen To Music Through Your Mouth With Play-A-Grill

Listen To Music Through Your Mouth With Play-A-Grill

It seems there are never enough ways to listen to music. It’s not enough that you can listen to tracks while on the train, annoying your co-travelers with inconsiderate volume levels. Now, with Play-A-Grill you can listen to music through your teeth, making it a new way of enjoying music that you can really sink your teeth into (sorry).

Using the bling dental jewelry that any self-respecting rapper wouldn’t be seen without—the grill—this unusual music player from Aisen Caro Chacin merges a custom made grill of her upper palate with an MP3 player that has a vibrating motor in the headphone jack. This allows users to listen to music via vibrations through their teeth—that way you can give your ears a rest.

From Chacin’s website:

This piece of jewelry presents a perfect opportunity to merge an arbitrary music fashion object and reintroduce it as the music player itself. Because the grill is worn over the teeth, sound can be transmitted using bone conduction hearing instead of outside speakers or headphones. Play-A-Grill is an iteration of a music fashion object of that becomes the music player itself.

Get one before everyone else does.

[via Popsci]