Love In The Time Of Mobile Cameras

Lately, it seems like anyone with an iPhone 4 is trying their hand at becoming the next Spielberg, and it looks like the Nokia N8 is emerging as a new contender in the mobile phone movie-making market. Dragonfly Love, directed by Thomas Hilland, is a delightful little tale set in the Norwegian hills about two feuding neighbors that enlist their robotic dragonflies to settle their differences. The short film showcases all the advantages of shooting with a small camera, some being its weight, ability to fit into small spaces, and the ease of mounting the camera on helmets and small helicopters. Yet with added flexibility, new problems problems arise (watch the making of video to see what we mean).

But before you start dreaming of the possible Oscars in your future, do note that the film was edited and special effects were added off the device, but the dragonfly robots are most certainly real. To see another truly adorable, microscopic film also shot on the Nokia N8 go here.