Meet CNdY: China's Emerging Electronic Trio

Meet CNdY: China's Emerging Electronic Trio

Not that we know by experience or anything, but we’ve heard it’s pretty hard for people in China to experience psychedelic trips via recreational drugs. Music, then, is perhaps the easiest and most natural way to find different levels of consciousness.

One group that is taking Chinese locals down the aural rabbit hole is Beijing electronic trio, CNdY, who make music that sends you into your own personal trance. Their debut EP Acid Candy features songs that run the gamut between futuristic, spacey noise to fast, electronic, hardcore rock—sending waves of electric beats through your body.

We’re looking forward to their live performance this weekend at The Creators Project: Beijing 2012, so in preparation, CNdY made a special mix for just for us. Take a listen below, and if you like what you hear visit their Soundcloud page.

An experimental video made by CNdY for the song “Elec Chinese Bird”. Footage was sourced from famous Chinese dancer, Yang Liping’s, “Soul of Peacock” performance.

Images courtesy of CNdY.