Meet Daniel Ganjaman, The Producer Who Changed The Tone Of Brazilian Rap

Daniel Sanches Takara, aka Daniel Ganjaman is a São Paulo-born musician, arranger, producer, sound engineer, and DJ. Forgoing school, Ganjaman started his music career working at El Rocha, a studio he built with his father and brothers (all musicians), where he produced dozens of underground bands of all genres. Along with Marcelo Cabral, he produced Criolo’s lauded album Nó na Orelha. But Criolo’s not the only Brazilian rap icon he’s put his sonic magic on.

With Creator DJ Zegon, of N.A.S.A., he produced Sabotage’s Rap É Compromisso and handled the sound engineering on Racionais MCsNada Como um Dia Após o Outro Dia.

Watch how Ganjaman reformed a genre previously dominated by samples and beats in our behind-the-scenes video above, and check out our playlist featuring some of the producer’s most significant works below.

On the playlist, we highlight songs such as “Cabeça de Nego” and “Dama Tereza," from his production collective Instituto, and you’ll hear an unknown side of rapper Sabotage—a more direct reference to the Brazilian music tradition as we know it, but at the same time a subversion of the genre’s predictabilites. A similar impact is heard on the hit “Não Existe Amor Em SP”—it’s technically a ballad, but it was acknowledged within the hip-hop scene as a rap song because of its lyrical arrangement.

Daniel Ganjaman will be speaking on our Art of Music panel as part of The Creators Project: São Paulo 2012 on Sunday, August 5th with Emicida. More details and RSVP here.