Meet The Design Studio Behind Dita Von Teese's 3D-Printed Dress

The internet has been abuzz over the past week about “the world’s first fully-articulated 3D printed gown” for burlesque star Dita Von Teese created in collaboration between Francis Bitonti Studio, Michael Schmidt Studios, and Shapeways.

When looking deeper into the collaborators, we were taken aback at the variety of work Brooklyn-based design studio Francis Bitoni Studio has under their belts—a semi-scandalous dress for Hollywood’s sexiest vixen is definitely not their only (or even most noteworthy) project. Check out five of our favorite Francis Bitoni Studio projects below…

1. OpenHouse

Originally created as a part of the Des-Cours event in New Orleans, this temporary installation functions as an interactive architectural design, using a courtyard in the French Quartier as a canvas. The ceiling raises when the space is empty, as if to provide a large, welcoming space, and collapses when their are less people present, providing a more intimate area for the small group. However when the room fills and the noise level heightens, the ceiling begins to shift dramatically, echoing the energy of the group below.

2. Buried Textiles

For Katie Gallagher’s F/W 2013 collection, she collaborated with Francis Bitoni Studio to design laser wool textiles that were created so that “the body’s silhouette would be dissolved into its surroundings.” Using a unique algorithm programed to cut this fabric, no two designs are alike.

3. Schistose Mirror

This mirror is made for everyone who has ever primped in a reflective window or car surface. In place of the traditional flat reflective surface, this mirror uses automotive paint to create the same reflective effect using non-traditional means of creation. The combination of the unconventional reflective surface and the 3D elements ad to the design, addressing the different forms which common objects can take.

4. Bristle Stool

The Bristle Stool is formed from a bunch of small branch-like pieces intertwined to create one solid object. Although it seems like this would require some serious assembly instructions, the chairs can be 3D printed on demand

5. My Secret [E] Garden

This app, designed for the Jardins Metis Garden Festival in Montréal, mixes the natural environment and augmented reality. Five AR devices are embedded in the garden, and users are encouraged to leave their mark for others to find, with the option to plant flowers and leave messages.

For more examples of Francis Bitoni Studio’s innovative designs, check out their portfolio.