Miliy Design Carves Out Abstracted Mountain Forms On Modern Building Façade

Miliy Design, the innovative Shanghai-based architecture firm that previously brought us the first contemporary Buddhist temple in China, recently completed a design for the Cultural and Creative Industry Building in Taizhou City. The building is inspired by the city’s mountains and historical Chinese ink paintings.

Taking the brushstrokes from the famous Chinese landscape painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, the folks at Miliy Design have rendered them in computer software to make abstract cut-outs on the facade of the Cultural and Creative Industry Building. The modern style architecture not only evokes historic artistic motifs but also reflects the hilly characteristics of Taizhou City.

Miliy Design mentions fellow artist Yang Yongliang on their website, who uses photos of urban China to make digital collages of Chinese landscape paintings. As a wirlwind of modern development sweeps over Chinese cities, erasing both the landscape’s natural beauty and the traditional art forms that they inspire, both Yongliang and Miliy Design strive to preserve the meaning of China’s historic art forms in contempoary art using technology to keep the cultural heritage from being lost.

Below, we’ve assembled some of their design sketches illustrating their process:

Image Courtesy of Miliy Design