Multicolored Immersive Lightscape Reacts To Visitors' Movements

Back in 2011 we reported on design collective Squidsoup‘s immersive light installation Scapes at London’s Tenderpixel gallery. The piece featured floating tendrils of light which reacted to sound created by Norwegian musician Alexander Rishaug. And now it seems they’ve made a new iteration of the piece with their latest work, Submergence, currently on show at the Galleri ROM in Oslo, Norway from now through February 17th.

Going for the “bigger and better” way of thinking, Submergence contains 8,064 lights and takes up a larger space than the Scapes piece. Not dissimilar visually to Muti Randolph‘s Deep Screen installation, it responds to visitors’ movements as they negotiate their way around the multicolored lightscape.

Muti Randolph’s Deep Screen installation at our Creators Project: New York 2010 event.

This pixelated field is created using a piece of technology called Ocean of Light, composed of a 3D grid of individually controllable LEDs which Squidsoup describe as, “Somewhere between a screen and environmental lighting.” With this customizable piece of hardware, the group can create dynamic displays in real time that react to sound and movements.

You can check out some images of the installation below.

Images: Squidsoup

[via Colossal]