Olympic Track Cycling Gets Converted Into A 3 Minute Tron-Inspired Spectacle For The Chemical Brothers' "Velodrome"

The Velodrome at the Olympic Park is one of the most stunning venues in this newly built sporting landscape—it’s a beautifully curvaceous sculpture of a building with wooden paneling that mirrors the curved wooden track that’s housed inside. On that track, cyclists whizz around with their reflective helmets and aerodynamic, finely-tuned bikes as if they’ve just ridden in from an anime sci-fi movie from the future.

This futuristic sporting spectacle was used to create a three minute animation screened before each track cycling session, created by London-based design company Crystal CG. The animation is an accompaniment to The Chemical Brothers’ track “Velodrome,” the official theme song for the track cycling event, and together they make for an audiovisual experience that pays fitting dues to the fast-paced action taking place at the venue.

The animation follows a race of two competitors battling it out to thumping electronica. Taking neon-inspiration from the go-faster world of Tron and its light cycles, we follow the racers in rapidly-harsh technicolour—shards of light trail behind them as they zoom round the track.

Everything about this AV short punches you in the face—from the hard-hitting snares to the shrill synth melody, so put it full screen, turn it up, and let it take you into digital psychedelic bliss.

[via Synthtopia]