Osklen's S/S 2013 Collection Is Fit For A Land-Bound Mermaid

Osklen's S/S 2013 Collection Is Fit For A Land-Bound Mermaid

Though Brazil’s headed right into the summer months, everybody in the Northern Hemisphere (for the most part) has a long winter ahead. That’s why seeing Osklen’s debut collection for New York Fashion Week in person was such a tease. Not only are these gorgeous, minimal clothes unwearable for the next six months, but this particular collection, and the way it was presented, told the story of an Endless Summer and a girl who does it all.

The man behind the line, Oskar Metsavaht, is pretty fascinating. He originally worked as a doctor, and only got into fashion after designing some cold weather gear for some friends. He had the science part down, so he learned how to cultivate and develop a sense of style. He translates aspects of film, skating, surfing, and nature into wearable movements—innovating by mixing opposites. Metsavaht still surfs over lunch even when he’s in design mode… which makes sense because the models in his S/S 2013 show looked dewy, sun-kissed, and fresh from the ocean.

The show opened with bright, white ensembles, before warming up to pink, orange, and yellow beachy motifs, “setting” with gold leathers and sandy neutrals, and then finally transitioning to deep blues, purples, and blacks.

And in Osklen’s case, the fabrics are worth mentioning because he takes the whole organic/naturalistic vibe and makes it literal. Several of his looks incorporated “e-fabrics” using sustainable materials like organic silk and fish leather.

The modern, futuristic silhouettes provide a nice contrast to the natural fabrics that make the collection fresh. The look above nearly took my breath away. The wetsuit-feel of the neoprene top (cropped in the back), combined with the rest of the crepe gown was a stunning juxtaposition… if only you could see it from the back! Never before has the transition from surf to soirée ever been this smooth.

If you can’t get enough of this collection (like me), watch Osklen’s S/S 2013 show at São Paulo Fashion Week for menswear, bejeweled wetsuits, and a straw hat that’s half-visor/half-floppy.

And check out the best dressed attendees from the New York Fashion Week show below.

Learn more about Oskar Metsavaht in our behind-the-scenes documentary below.