Painted Effects Come To Life In This Striking Prequel For Dishonored

If you identify yourself as a game-savvy individual, the name Dishonored probably perks your ears up. From Psyop and ROKKAN comes a prequel series that is as eye-catching as Dishonored will be enthralling. Working closely with Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios, Psyop and ROKKAN characterize the online series to give gamers a unique taste of the steampunk-rooted, lurid, dystopia of Dunwall where the story takes place.

The three webisodes were predominately engineered by hand. Each individual frame starts off as an almost fully rendered style frame, which then was supplemented with 3D effects to create a seemingly painted atmosphere, which enhanced dimension and created depth. “Usually when we animate, it is largely a CG production. After we saw the storyline, we decided to draw each style frame thirty or forty times and create a cell animated look and give it a sort of a painting-come-to-life effect,” said Jon Saunders Creative Director at Psyop.

Despite the prequels stylistically differing from Dishonored, they still genuinely capture the essence of Dunwall’s story in the fantastical way that Psyop is known for. The official release of Dishonored is set for October 9th and is sure to be a hit. Watch part 1 above and parts 2 and 3 below.