Painting Colorful Geometric Images That Mimic The Digital

At first glance, you’d swear that these images created by Francesco Lo Castro are the result of countless hours spent with graphic design software. But when you take a closer look, you can see textures of acrylic, spray paint, epoxy resin, and even gold leaves on wood. “Digital artists are always thinking about how to make things look more organic and I’m always thinking about how to transfer the organic to digital,” Lo Castro told us about this paradox unique to him.

Each of Lo Castro’s colorful paintings is a kaleidoscopic vision with its own movement. This is what led him to wanting to have his work animated. “I thought my paintings would transition very well into the motion graphics medium.” He commissioned two audiovisual adaptations of his pieces. His painting Ubicomp Everyware (2012) was the inspiration for Meridiana (below), by Dark Intersection:

His painting ENDO was animated into Gematria by 3D animation artist Beeple, whom Lo Castro really admires. “I thought he would turn the idea down, but surprisingly he loved it and saw it as a challenge,” he says. Sound designer Kyle Vande Slunt created the soundtrack.

“We are currently working on another video for an upcoming museum show in the Spring of 2013. The long-term goal is to create fully immersive and interactive 3D environments that can be visually stunning as well as educational,” says Lo Castro about his partnership with Beeple. Before that, a large-scale projection of his paintings will take over the Intercontinental Hotel facade during Art Basel Miami 2012, starting December 6th in Miami.

“When I was 10 I saw my first Victor Vasarely painting and I guess it never left me. Currently, I am inspired by a lot of talents in the motion graphics arena. I get excited thinking about the overlap of traditional painting and digital media.”

ENDO (2012)
Acrylic, silkscreen, spray paint, epoxy resin on MDF

Gamete (2012)
Acrylic, silkscreen, spray paint, epoxy resin on wood

Ubicomp Everyware (2012)
Acrylic, silkscreen, spray paint, epoxy resin on MDF