Plantagon Building A Vertical Farming Greenhouse In Sweden

With cities becoming more polluted and populated, and climate change casting a problematic shadow over the future of our planet, architecture seems to be increasingly embracing the ideas that can address these issues. And what’s more, these types of projects are getting the go ahead, along with the world’s rotating skyscrapers and elevators to space.

In Milan, Stefano Boeri is working on the world’s first vertical forest, and now in Linkoping, Sweden, Plantagon and engineering firm Sweco have begun work on a vertical farming greenhouse. Billed as the world’s first Plantagon Greenhouse for Urban Agriculture, it’s a possible solution to the problems the world faces when it comes to producing food in a sustainable way. Looking a bit like Spaceship Earth from Disney’s Epcot theme park, the building will be able to grow low maintenance green vegetables, meaning they won’t need to be transported over miles to the consumer. It will also filter the air of pollutants from any nearby factories.

The internal structure of the building, which you can see in the video below, will slant upwards allowing light to get to wherever there are plants, and any food that’s not fit to eat will be used for biofuel to power the structure.

While this is the first one the company is building, they hope it will inspire other cities to follow suit, with different designs for different countries depending on latitudes and climates. The idea of vertical farming has been around for a while, and now those ideas are finally being put into practice.