Projecting A Movie Onto A Snowstorm Results In These Psychedelic Images

Falling snow has its own beauty, and there’s been plenty of it in the Northeast of America the past few days—even in London we’ve had a minor snowfall this Monday morning. But have you ever wondered what it might look like if you projected a film onto a raging blizzard? Redditor Brian Maffitt (bmaffitt) did and decided to turn his projector, which was showing The Lorax, onto the snowstorm outside his window. The results are unexpectedly beautiful.

The results can be seen in the video footage above and the images below, which feature twisting, beaded lines arching across the screen in red, blue, and green. Giving a much more colorful set of images than the standard white-saturated landscapes you usually see in your social media feeds the day after it’s snowed.

And who would’ve thought that projecting The Lorax onto snow would make it a far more entertaining movie? It makes you wonder what other films it might be worth using this experimental technique with.

Images: BMaffitt

[via The Laughing Squid]