Quayola's Deconstructions Of Flemish Masterpieces Come To NYC

Quayola has just released a bunch of new videos showing the latest installment of his Strata series, which reworks classical pieces of art into abstract digital manifestations. For the multi-channel installation Strata #4 he uses his custom software to re-imagine iconic Flemish paintings from the collection at the Palais de Beaux Arts in Lille, France. The artwork delves into the compositions, colors, and patterns of the paintings and breathes digital life into them, creating new abstract forms based on the age-old universal laws of beauty. Documenting the improbable collisions between classical figuration and contemporary abstraction, the piece creates a place where algorithms and painterly traditions coexist, bridging the gap between the seemingly disparate worlds.

Quayola will be exhibiting Strata #4 at our New York event this coming weekend.