Real-Time Face Substitution Lets You Be Someone Else

Faces from arturo on Vimeo.

Ever wished you could have Brad Pitt’s chiseled jawline or Marilyn Monroe’s signature pout? Well, thanks to Arturo Castro‘s latest facial hack, now you can. His recently released Faces demo allows for real-time face substitution via projection, overlaying the features of your desired clone over your own countenance. The freakiest part is that it’s even capable of moving along with your facial expressions (our favorite is the Michael Jackson “surprise!” face). Thank goodness it comes just in time for Halloween, because this creepy visual trick is definitely a step above the cheap plastic masks we were planning on wearing.

The project builds on the collective research and development in facial scanning and projection technology from the openFrameworks community. Last year, openFrameworks co-founder Zach Lieberman collaborated with artists Daito Manabe, Theo Watson and Kyle McDonald on the 3D facial scanning installation The Janus Machine, which used structured light for 3D modeling and ostensibly laid the groundwork for the group’s fascination with scanning and projecting on human faces. A few months ago, McDonald released FaceOSC, a program that lets you create music using facial expressions, while Lieberman and Watson released a music video that used a hacked Kinect and a projector for real-time facial projections. The project also builds upon the work of Jason Saragih and Kevin Atkinson.

So, it was only a matter of time before all these various components were combined into something as weird and wonderful as Castro’s Faces project. We’re just wondering when the portable version will come out so wear our new faces out into the world…

(h/t The Next Web)