Realität 3D Prints Spiral Waveforms Of Songs By Portishead, Nick Drake, And Others

The obsession with creating physical manifestations of the lovable waveform seems to be growing every day, whether folks are visualizing the sound of dubstep with vinyl or making the process mass-production-friendly 3D renditions made of paper. Artist Juan Manuel de J. Escalante, who goes by Realität joins the ranks of the waveform visualizers with a different take on the concept: creating 3D landscapes by arranging the wave in a spiral for his series Microsonic Sculptures.

The end product is a donut of sonic action, 3D printed using a MakerBot, and using the varying volume of the song to create a circular terrain unique to each song. For this project, Escalante chose five songs with varying sonic textures to show the range of possibilities achievable with this method.

Arvo Pärt – “Für Alina”

Portishead – “Third”

Antony & the Johnsons – “Another World”

Nick Drake – “Pink Moon”

Einstürzende Neubauten – “Jewels”

[via Neural]