Repurposed Shopping Carts Make Perfect Chairs

Images courtesy of the artist

Cart furniture designer Etienne Reijnders is a piece of work. Every once in awhile he goes to visit the German company Wanzl—the largest manufacturer of shopping trolleys in the world—to collect discarded shopping carts, iron colossi that were otherwise destined for the smelter.

Put his creations in your living room, and you can sit on a shopping chair, or at the shopping cart dining table. Drop your bags on a shopping cart side table while sprawled out on a shopping couch.

Is there a future for this kind of upcycling? "Companies like IKEA will probably not be so quick to it—on a large scale, recycling is cheaper," Reijnders responds over the phone. "But that does not mean you can't automate upcycling. I made a couple of chairs that are fairly easy to produce, and that you could build at a fast pace. "

Reijnders furniture pieces are durable, but that doesn't answer the most important question regarding couches and chairs. "They are quite comfortable, I also stand a few prototypes in my house," he says. "I trained as a furniture designer, so I think of humans in the first place, and from there I decide which material is appropriate."

Etienne Reijnders work is on view until February 7 at the exhibition Light Unites at the Artemis Hotel in Amsterdam.

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands.