Rrrrrrrroll's GIFs Are A Dizzyingly Delightful Treat

We love GIFs, but we we’ve never seen ones like this before. Japan’s rrrrrrrroll creates wildly creative GIFs that feature objects or people that spin on their own axes. Though the concept is simple, the result is compelling and hypnotic—it’s hard to look away from rrrrrrrroll’s spinning bicycle wheels, hats, and girls.

Composed of a group of friends, rrrrrrrroll produces their animations on short trips where they spend half the time shooting, and the other half hanging out. They create these rotating GIFs out of a desire to create minimal animations that simultaneously show the passage of time. According to their Twitter, they produce about two GIFs a week, so add their Tumblr to your blog roll to satisfy your daily GIF fix. Check out some of our favorite GIFs by rrrrrrrroll below.