Ryoji Ikeda's The Transfinite Makes Us Feel Very Small

What looks like life-size barcodes is part of Ryoji Ikeda‘s current exhibition at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory. These dark-light patterns certainly command our attention, demonstrating large-scale data projection in clear black and white. When we look up close, we see that these striated patterns aren’t solid, but comprised of changing streams of numbers. Ikeda’s installation overwhelms visitors’ senses with intense synchronized light patterns on a scale massive enough to make the experience totally immersive. The strobe-like projections’ backdrop provides the NYC audience with plenty of space to sit and reflect on Ikeda’s large-scale work. According to the Armory’s website, it’s an attempt at approximating infinity.

photo by Liz Hingley

Photo by James Ewing

Photos courtesy of CollabCubed

This exhibition may seem simple, but assembling the space took a lot of effort. Watch the Armory’s team construct Ikeda’s exhibition here:

Visit “The Transfinite” at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City until June 11.