Siyon Jin's Video Works Emulate Naturalistic Beauty

Korean artist Siyon Jin is a fan of using light in various ways throughout her artistic practice. She beautifully explores elements of Korean nature with LED—her medium of choice. But another reason why she favors LED is because she uses it as a communicative method, which can flow and touch audiences on a deeper level.

In Flow (above), tons of tiny LEDs bring fauna and flowers to life, brightening them to mimic the liveliness of actual fresh flowers. Jin presents the video in a frame made from ‘lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl,’ using a tradtional Korean craft technique.

But as much as Flow grabs audiences, her earlier work Wave, also creates a visual experience that ptojects the waves of the sea and the sound of the ocean. The audiovisual combination simulates the light we see in nature, while reminding us of our relationship with nature.

Wave, (2009)