Smells Rocks Out In Sweaty Slow-Mo In New Lumpens Video

It’s been a moment since we last caught up with media designer Lumpens. His last music video delivered a salaciously rain-soaked, ass-kicking Tasha Reid from Drunken Tiger, complete with some swords and sex appeal. Just last week, Lumpens’ released another video, a collaboration with Korean dance music unit Smells. This time around, it’s a different set of swords and a different kind of sexy.

The music video pairs some unlikely performers with Smells’ debut track “Dance Wit Me,” an electronic pop song that has a bridge that drops a hint towards this hipster classic of ’07. Built on a black backdrop, focused spotlights, long shots, and close-ups, the video focuses on two dancers of very different statures, one of whom we’ve interviewed before. With the dancers bouncing around, getting down and dirty in slow-motion, the visual element is both sensual and provocative even though the dancers are unconventional in terms of music video fare.

Smells fuses the creative tastes of HJ Cho, Hyun Jin Shin, and Min Seung Kwak. Having just debuted their first EP Dance Wit Me, the trio presents an eccentric spectrum of synth-infused dance music, crossing between genres and featuring a couple of all-star cameos. Their debut track above features the vocal stylings of Mongoo from Korean alternative rock band Mongoose. And track three spotlights our very own Creator EE’s sweet-as-candy female counterpart Little E.

See the video above and hear more music below. Smell good?