SMSlingshot: A New Tagging Device to Add to the Arsenal

We’ve often spoke about creator James Powderly’s F.A.T. Lab, and their innovative post-spray can graffiti techniques, utilizing everything from LED, lasers, and projectors to cast their tags into the night and onto buildings. But, it seems, it’s not just the F.A.T. Lab crew who are busily revolutionizing graffiti with their open source LED Throwies, L.A.S.E.R. Tag, EyeWriter, and capture code projects. No, a group of enthusiasts called VR/Urban have created something called SMSlingshot which enables you to type in a message on a mobile phone device set in a wooden slingshot (nice mix of old and new there), fire it at a wall, and splat! you have your message slung onto your desired surface in an explosion of colour.

They say: “The aim of all projects is to reclaim the urban screen for the public. In the tradition of situative art and graffiti culture, VR/Urban augments existing city structures with digital and interactive media-art. The collective strongly believes in embodiment, accessibility, and the tangibility of information, so that each installation has a very performative and challenging character.” Or they may’ve just wanted to experience the childish pleasure of watching something splat onto the side of a building without the guilt of making a mess. Either way, it looks pretty cool.

Watch the video for the full lowdown, and if you want to catch them in the flesh, they’ll be touring the project this summer, heading to São Paulo, Berlin, and Liverpool. Check their website for where they’ll be next.