Sonic Space Jams: Shabazz Palaces Remix Animal Collective's "New Town Burnout"

Everyone's favorite shamanistic, avant-pop band, Animal Collective, is releasing a remix EP of their 2012 album Centipede Hz. The 12" record will include remixes by audio weirdos like Gang Gang Dance, Teengirl Fantasy and Traxman. Most noteworthy, though, is the cover of tune "New Town Burnout" by Shabazz Palaces, a group whose sound would be fair to describe as if Panda Bear ate a bunch of mushrooms then took a rocket towards Saturn to chill with Sun Ra. 

The track begins with hazy synths and thundering percussion before Shabazz leader Ishmael "Palaceer Lazar" Butler starts layering his voice to let loose some cryptic inklings.

The ominous instrumentals sound as if we're nearing some foreign planet, and Butler unleashes some crazy lyrics like "Black waves of gold with moonlight delayed" and "Incandescent the air is glistening she knows she's in the presence." The track barely resembles the original (besides the shimmering electronic samples) but it's a cosmic improvement if you ask us. The remix EP is out on May 28th via Domino and we're ready for the trip.

[via Motherboard]

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