Steven Soderbergh Mashed Up Two Versions Of "Psycho" Into One Creepy Clip

Despite "retiring" from directing, Steven Soderbergh just released a clip that stacks two versions of Psycho (Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece and Gus Van Sant's 1998 remake) atop one another, displaying at once the universality of horror and the sharp attention to detail Gus Van Sant gave his critically-panned shot-for-shot update. 

Reading more like an A-worthy art school study than the "greatest hits" mashup it purports to be, the clip below is three minutes and twenty-two seconds of juxtaposed, recomposited editing goodness that shows just how fluid "good editing" can feel, and just how terrifying motel bathrooms will always be. On display, the infamous shower scene in which Marion Crane, made larger-than-life by the indistinguishibility between actresses Janet Leigh and Ann Heche, falls victim to Norma Bates' silent guiles. 

While Soderberg's website,, is currently down, we're anxiously awaiting more of his super-cut. In the meantime, we'll be reminding ourselves why we still don't want to be caught in any tight spots with Vince Vaughn. Chilling.

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via The Verge