Stop Motion Animation Explores Northeast Brazilian Folklore

The exploration of Brazil’s rich cultural roots is an endless source of inspiration for artists across a whole variety of creative fields. It was, for instance, in the works of artisan Espedito Seleiro, a master in the leather arts famous for his Lampião—a folklore bandit from the Northeast of the country—sandals, that artist Renato Fernandes got inspiration for his short film Celeiro de Seleiros (loosely translated means “A Wellspring of Seleiros”).

The stop motion animation was made with mock leather cutouts featuring the bright colors used by the artisan in his pieces and features the song Dois Nordestes by Clay Ross and the Matuto band. The short film shows a day in the life of an ordinary Northeastern Brazilian character and marks Fernandes’s debut in the animation and stop motion field.

Below, check out some of the images created by the artist for the film: