Stream The xx's Upcoming Album Coexist And See Yourself On A Global Map Of Listeners

The xx are preparing the world for their upcoming album Coexist by providing us with a full sneak peak—you can listen to the album in its entirety, streaming live here. And beyond just hearing the record, The xx are giving listeners a chance to see themselves as part of the global contingent of The xx fans through an interactive data viz map.

Visit the page and start streaming and you’ll see yourself pop up as a little “x” on the map. Shares on Facebook and Twitter create archs on the map, tracing the music’s trajectory through the social media stratosphere and giving the fans a way to see how they are connected to each other (and the band a great way to track their listeners all over the world).

For a bit of hindsight, let’s take a look back at our conversation with Jamie xx, when he told us about the sounds that inspire him and his particular approach to production.