Superelectric's New Video Presents The Convincing Pseudoscience Of Turning Sound Into Matter

Now this is one clever concept for a music video.

The last time we checked in with director Superelectric, he had created a moody video for Soosh’s “Us,” a visual which fit the melancholy track perfectly. This time around, for Kid Sundance’s “Tech City,” Superelectric gives us a pseudoscientific breakdown of how the track was made… through a cutting-edge process that converts sound waves into matter.

It’s amazing how real the characters in this video make it sound, from the slightly bumbling young grad student to the stick-up-the-butt science lady who looks like she only feels pleasure in a laboratory. And what a lab! With the most random musical and scientific items jammed together into fairly convincing lab equipment, Superelectric’s set for the video rides the line between dreamish nonsense and hard physical theories.

The point of the entire exercise is to create a melty dubplate, which the lab team finally drops onto a turntable at the end, the actual track playing out through the credits of the video. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Kid Sundance’s track is a raw, elemental progression that sounds like it was synthesized in the very lab depicted. Awesome stuff.

If you want to just straight up hear the track, here it is, fresh from Fremdtunes. And below that, see some awesome stills from the video.