Synchronicity In Slow-Mo: Meredith Danluck's Video For Sébastien Tellier's "Russian Attractions"

Not long after he appeared at The Creators Project: Paris 2012 to discuss the creation of his new album My God Is Blue, Sébastien Tellier released this gem of a video with our sister site Noisey. Now, if your most recent memory of Tellier is the no-holds-barred hedonist romp “Cochon Ville,” the new one will feel like a walk in the park (or maybe a dip in the pool?).

Directed by Creator Meredith Danluck, “Russian Attractions” sets the graceful motions of synchronized swimming and dancing to Tellier’s pounding, bittersweet love ballad. Going heavy on the slow-motion, the choreography gains an eerie quality that pairs perfectly with the melancholy vocals. Enjoy this mellow Tellier while he’s here, as there’s no telling when he’ll once again pick up his guitar and start rocking disco jams for nude partygoers.

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