OKFocus: These Websites Will Suck You In

OKFocus (Ryder Ripps, Jonathan Vingiano, and Jules Laplace) is a creative agency specializing in forward thinking social web applications. They design sites that are simple in design, informed by function, and in tune with contemporary internet culture. Their most recent project, an original work presented by The Creators Project and True Panther Sounds, takes the original music video for Tanlines' "Not The Same" and turns it into an alpha-channel video experiment.

The site allows users to drag, drop, re-size, or delete the many Jesse Cohens and Eric Emms as they play their various instruments and sing the track. It also has the Layers and Tool bar from everyone's favorite graphics editing software (Photoshop) so you can change the background—everything from Stonehenge and the White House to a Fish Cam or live camera feed from New York's Williamsburg Bridge. Click the hidden Easter egg "Experiment" for more fun, and watch in Google Chrome for the best viewing experience.

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